Thursday, May 25, 2006

TV Series Finales

Alias: Which ended for good was a little bit of a let down though I like what happened to Sloane.
But they tacked on a very, very happy ending for Sydney and Vaughn. And naming her kids after her parents... Cute. Of course Sark is still out there causing problems... But is he really a true villain or as he sees himself... A business man who works for profit period.
I just don't know about this series. I loved it during it's first season and kinda thought the second season twists were great and the introduction of the Rambaldi mystery was intriguing. But the show lost it's focus and then felt rush in it's closing episode.
But damn, what fate awaited Sloane... That is justice! RIP Jack.

Lost: Does what it does best. Kinda give you answers that of course create new questions. But then if they stopped doing that and gave the answers it would spell the end of the show.
but it does like to tickle the brain. Very creative show. The cliffhangers which there were many can take us in so many different directions at once! Last year it was all about the Hatch. This year it was all about so many subplots... Are the 3 still alive? Where's Home that another 3 are headed too? Where does the 2 end up at and does Vincent find them? Count 'em 4 Toes... Are the other 3 still waiting on the boat? Is the prisoner who as set free Him? Is it the running dude or the island that has been found by Portuguese men in service to a rich lady? Is the watchers hatch the real experiment? And if you look close at the end scenes... Is that the Doc? Are Twins both good/bad part of all this? Does the electro-magnetic thingy cause planes to fall from the sky? If so what causes things like Wood Pirate boats and sailing ships and Hot Air Balloons crash upon the island? And where is the Tree smashing, Pilot grabbing Monster and the French Woman and last but not least... Where does the cable coming out of the ocean toward the French Woman's hideout from season 1 lead back too and what is it's purpose (My guess, it's connected to her sunken ship.
See gotta love a show that can create so much mystery... And I know I forgot lot's of other stuff!

24: Now that was a great cliffhanger. It ends with so many different ways to go. I also like that we never learn who the Bluetooth group behind POTUS is. Yet. Does Unstoppable Jack make it to Mainland C or does he escape? Is he rescued? Is he headed somewhere else? Why is Jack so valuable?

Man oh Man: Oct. for LOST, January for 24... Arrgh... But soon (June) The best mystery of Summer TV returns: USA's The 4400...

Stay Tuned

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