Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Great App Heist

I haven't posted a few days because someone is holding the powerplug to my laptop telling me he will put the 'puter out of it's misery if I don't crack his safe.

It's a really, really large safe more like a bank vault and how he got it into my computer is beyond me.

But I have been cracking it for days now. It's been popped a few times. And guess what... apps... it's full of different apps. Really. The motherload of apps... and like I tell him that he can let go my laptop is no longer going to be feeling inadequate when it sees others at the S**rB**k* (they haven't paid me anything, they are not getting a plug) being put through their kernel paces.

Well now that I have cracked the vault numerous times with more challenges ahead my computer is beaming and puffing out it's lcd and is ready to tackle the new apps.

All you have to do is click the title of this post to watch me in action and heck maybe join in too. If you visit let me know my handle is atticusrex.

But you have to have a Mac. No PC's allowed. Run home and add stuff up while we get graphical.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Day after Stuffing

Hello 'dere... Boy howdy am I stuffed. We all had a grand clan of a time eating, talking. visiting this past Turkey day. I hope everyone reading this also had a food & family filled day as well.

Now it's BLACK FRIDAY!!! The day the public sucumbs to Mad-Shoppers Cow Disease.

I will be chill'in with one of my Bro-in-laws at the local Apple store... yeppers gettin off the couch and join them masses.

Let the Merry begin~

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bond, James Bond

My Name is Bond, James Bond. Britian's original spy is back and with a vengence! He has been rebooted for the 21st Century.

The best way to describe this Bond outing? By mixing in a blender Batman Begins, From Russia With Love, OHMSS and the Bourne films and hit blend.

This is a total reboot. We see what made him a 007 in her Majesty's Secret Service.

Everything feels right. The dialog is perhaps the best ever in a Bond film. The Bond Girls are just right. Not too many 4 as a matter of fact but one just gives him info, another gets a little steamy yet another he never actually meets and then there is Vesper Lynd. Never since OHMSS has a Bond Girl been so classy, bright, intelligent and developed as a character.

The Villians? For just about the first time there are 'real world' villians. Yes the main one looks like a Bond Villian yet the are acting and doing 'real world' bad stuff.

Bond's gadgets? None really except for some computer sleuthing, GPS and a Defilbrator. Plus they have a clever way to work in the original DB5 1964 Astin Martin plus show off the latest DB5 as well.

The Music? The best Bond score since John Barry did The Living Daylights. The Title song was ok though. But the underlying music works well invoking the 007 feeling. All throughout the movie you are teased with the famous Bond theme but never the whole piece until the exact right moment.

Daniel Craig as Bond? You can never take the mantel from Connery but Craig is right there shoulder to shoulder.
Craig is everything I have always wanted in a Bond. Ruthless yet human at times, makes mistakes, stays dogged and get's hot headed. Dangerous at all times. As 'M' call him: "A Blunt instrument." His reply is "So you want a half monk half hitman"

Best script ever for a 007 movie...

Here is to more Craig as Ian Flemings 007 James Bond for at least 3 more pics and beyond.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We Interrupt our regularly scheduled Blog

Christmas Comes Early To all Mac OSX Users!!!

Three Cheers to the wonderful folks at MacAppADay.Com This is a new site that starting on the December 1st will be offering 5,000 lucky Macheads free apps to download.

1 every day and a special surprise on New Years Day! So starting around Midnight PST on 12/01/06 download Apps so cool that your Mac will boot-up with joy.

The good folks at MacAppADay also told me that while yes some apps are valued at $5, there are those that run $10, $15 and more. But what does it matter I say, they are free to those of us in the know (and of course own a Mac).

On another note, if an app on a certain day is one you already own (i.e. paid for) well consider that day's gift a fruit cake and think about all the other days to come in December with other wondrous free apps. So, if you or someone you know has a mac, you might want to check it out or tell them about it at http://www.macappaday.com

Now I know dear reader what your thinking... This is the Hollywood Graffiti Blog where I type all kinds of opinions on Film, TV and occasionally what's on my mind that I feel compelled to share... And this is one of them.

After all I've been drinking the Mac KoolAid since 1984.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog