Thursday, May 04, 2006

The 1st Blog And Get To Know Me Time!

Hello 'dere, if you didn't read my intro to the left then please read my profile before reading the blog below. My profile sets this blog in motion.

Ahem... I as you can tell am new to this. My daughter is on Zanga and I felt I would give this blog thingy a try.
I mentioned that I would post likes and dislikes... Well... If you took the time to look at my profile info then you know some or most of my likes... Here then are some of my dislikes...

Romance Novels
CSI (All of Them)
Law & Order (The shows silly, not the real Police)
Screamo Music my Daughter listens too.
Self-Help Books
Most if not just about all except a very tiny few Sitcoms.
Daytime Soaps (Nothing Happens, time moves like molasses)
Democrats who disown or disavow those who do not agree with their views
(Let me make this clear, I do not care what your creed, religion or political party you believe in. I might not agree or like what you buy into, but I do not hold it against you either. For instance I like Alec Baldwin but I do not care for his Politics, but I will watch his movies.)
Uwe Boll Movies
Laws Against Smoking Outdoors like Bar patios. This is in effect in some places. Now I do not smoke cigs but I do love Cigars and they are a social thing.
No free WiFi in places like Starbucks, Borders and Barnes & Noble!!!
Our dog always wanting me to either let him out or back in, and the wonderful wife saying no to a doggie door!
Pan & Scan Period! And this goes for Cable too... Show the stuff in Widescreen Folks Please!
The Cable/Satellite companies that are doing their own DVR's and cutting out TIVO. Tivo Works Folks! TIVO has the whole DVR thing worked out and user friendly. Trust me I know what of which I speak.

Oh and one like just so I don't sound all sour and stuff...

I admit it, I drink the Koolaid kiddos... I love Macs!!! God Save Apple and Steve Jobs! LOL!


Joey Lawler said...

dude - I'm with you on about 90%!

guy steele said...

Hi Joey.

I just posted this blog... how in the world did you find it so fast? I only emailed peeps I know hoping they would visit and comment.

So cool... I will visit your blogs as well and comment.

But I am still wondering how you found me... I think I just posted not more than 15 minutes ago.