Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Mid-Summer Report

I know... It's been a while. Thought I would check in let those who care know where things stand so far this summer.

It's the middle of July and it's HOT! 7 days and counting the temp has hit or gone over 100 degrees.

Last I checked in I was going on about M:I 3 and the end of the TV regular season. So here is The Return of the Summer Flicks 3:

DaVinci Code: Boring!

The Break-Up: Actually funnier than I expected. Nice non-Hollywood ending.

POTC:DMC: Hmmm... My family really enjoyed this. I actually was kinda bored by it all. The one area that impressed me though were the CG effects of Davy Jones and his crusty crew. But I feel the filmmakers didn't really have much except one over-the-top moment after over-the-top-moment.

Proposition: Best movie I have seen this summer thus far. A modern throwback to the early Eastwood westerns with a dash of Peckinpah. Wonderfully acted, shot and brutal with an air of truth about it.

X-Men 3 and Superman Returns: Haven't seen them. I know, I know...
Just haven't made it yet.

As for TV: It's Cable time during the summer months.

If you are not tuning in here are the shows you are missing out on:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Damn this is the funniest show! It's out there but it delivers the yucks even when it has you saying yuck!

Rescue Me: Dennis Leary is a joy to behold. He is also brutal to himself with the characters he saddles himself with. (See his great underrated sitcom The Job)

The Closer: Not bad. Mrs. Bacon does a great job. Though the crimes are kinda routine.

Monk: This Generation's Columbo.

The 4400: This Generation's X-Files except that is has a real mystery you can follow instead of a 'eek' of the week.

Entourage: Funny, Truthful, Real and Cool.

Brotherhood: Not bad, tad confusing. Giving it a try.

Deadwood: DAMN DAMN DAMN this is some fine TV! Bit o'Shakesphere here and there. Best uniform acting on TV. Almost the best show on TV as well. You never know where it's going. Incredible. I know I said almost the best show, if you have read my blogs I have stated that The Wire is the best show and now I feel Deadwood is 2 with Sopranos at 3rd.
This is not a knock towards The Sopranos... But Deadwood seems fresher and The Wire... well as I have said before: No show get's to the truth and reality of Police work and Criminal enterprise as this show does and remain engrossing and entertaining. You can believe what you see is about as close to real life as episodic TV can get.


Let me know your thoughts... and Thanks for reading Moi.


Leroy said...

Are you the guy that ran Stage and Screen over on McKinney and then Oak Lawn?

Colin said...

What - DEADWOOD as almost the best show on TV? DEADWOOD is by far and away the the best show on TV, possibly the best show ever on TV. I usually watch each new episode at least twice, maybe three times.

Hope you're well - by the way - got distracted and am now even more heavily distracted with the earthquake over at eBay (massive hike in store fees) and the sense that eBay itself has turned itself into an ugly form of yestertech.

I'm going to have to create my own free-standing on-line store from scratch. The good thing is that I may eventually be able to offer a much wider selection of memorabilia, even though I'd still prefer to focus increasingly on higher end posters. Anyway, drop by sometime to see how we're doing - and this isn't my last comment!