Saturday, May 13, 2006

Summer Movies Are Upon Us Part 2

Welcome to the Summer Movies Are Upon Us Sequel...
This just in... I saw M:I 3 and I am happy to report it's the best one of the bunch. Now I did like the first one but this flick really delivers the goods. I feel now this franchise sits squarely between the Bourne Movies and James Bond Flicks. It has one foot steeped in characterization, a gritty real feel yet has it's other foot planted in the out-there reality of a Bond romp. Thing is though the Villain here is more rooted in the now than just about any Bond Villain. I do have though one major, major complaint about M:I 3... During the end credits you are treated to what maybe the worst song ever. It's by Kayne West and yes his Jesus Walks was great but boy howdy his Impossible Mission song is Impossible to listen too! YUCK! That said kudos to Abrams music vet Michael Giacchino for using more of the original Lalo Schifrin TV music like The Plot.

Ok on to the rest of the movies and what I think about them based on vibes and their Trailers...

Miami Vice: This is shaping up as the COOL film of summer.
I just hope Mann has come up with a better coda than Heat or Collateral. Mann is the Man though when it comes to set design, framing and cinematography!

Talladega Nights: I am sure because of NASCAR's involvement this will be Huge but it looks awful!

Click: Oh boy another crowd pleaser but I will be missing this one as well. Clever concept but we've seen this type of film already and the jokes fall flat.

The Break-Up: This Comedy looks like it has potential. Vaughn is funny and Jennifer hasn't looked this good in ages.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Wow... This might be the best Comedy concept of the Summer. I haven't seen the trailer yet but the plotline is priceless: Man (Paul Judd) breaks-up with his girlfriend because he can't handle what she's all about. She (Uma Thurman) wreaks vengeance upon him. What's funny and clever? She is a Superhero along the lines of Superman. And that's what the man has a problem with. Directed by Ivan Reitman who gave us Ghostbusters. Yes I know he also directed Evolution but that's another story.

The Omen: In God's Name WHY?! It's the exact same scene by scene as the original. With some updated FX thrown in.

macho Libra: This could be the cult film of summer. Hard to tell. It's from the guy who directed Napoleon dynamite and it stars Jack Black as a Mexican priest who becomes a wrestler to save an Orphanage. It has some pretty weird moments and with Jack Black that can spell FUNNY!

Lady in the Water: M. Night is back and I just don't know. Sounds silly. Girl is found in pool, she's a creature from out of a child's book. Maintenance man and tenants help her return to her people then find out the too are characters in a book. Perhaps the kiddo's will like it I just don't know about M. Night anymore. He has coasted on 6 senses for far too long.

Ok I think that's a wrap on the Major Releases I would have touched on other films like Over The Hedge and Snakes On A Plane, but Kiddo movies are needed even if bad to us and Snakes... well enough internet ink has been spilled about it

Please comment with your take...

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