Thursday, May 11, 2006

Summer Movies Are Upon Us Part 1

I have yet to see any of the Summer Movies but this is my take based on Trailers and vibes... It will be in two parts because it seems it's how Hollywood likes to work so why not.

Superman Returns: Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor will steal this movie. The rest of it seems like a remake of the first Richard Donner Superman.

Da Vinci Code: HUGE! Unless it is a really bad movie. I can't see that happening. I don't feel it will do Titanic Biz but it should be in the top three for the summer.

MI:3: I think this film will end up doing just fine. I will attend because I am a fan of Mission Impossible the TV Show and I am told this one is more in spirit to the show. Plus I am a fan of Director's Abrams's TV shows Alias and Lost.

Cars: I just don't have a good feel for this. The eyes on the windshield creep me out. I know it's Pixar and they are wonderful... But they are also due for an under-performer.

Pirates 2: More of the same but in this case that's a good thing! Could be the #1 movie.

Poseidon: One of the major bombs in terms of cost vs. Boxoffice. Who is the market for this? The original is considered a classic and all this film can hope to do is better it in the effects department. But what have we not seen in other movies like the original, Titanic and even this films director's Perfect Storm?

To Be Continued...

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