Saturday, May 20, 2006

State Of My Union

Good Day... My mother a very, very special person in my life for my B-Day and also as a congrats on my new start-up gave me a Mac Powerbook! And that has changed my life almost as much as having TIVO did.

I am unhooked and enchained from my desk. Freedom at last Freedom at last. The thing is...
I am on the 'puter now more than ever! LOL! I also have embraced things that I hadn't before like this blog and Skype and iSight and oh the list is to long.

My Daughter, My Wife, My Mom, My Dad (And with me being 49 they are still around) TIVO, Mac/Apple, My Company, HD, Can life get any better?

I am blessed! Yes I am!

Thought it was time to brag on the good in my life. I do love to chat about Movies, Books and TV. Politics too. In fact I need to post a blog entry on books. But today... Just a hug-out to my Family and yes Powerbooks and TIVO.

I know I didn't mention God or my dog or friends. I have a core group of Friends which make me rich and when they are added to my family I am only richer. My dog... um... hmmm... He can drive me nuts. Yet yes I love him. But he is trying at times. That leaves God. I believe in Faith, Family, Friends and Community. I think God can be a set of standards you live by.

Is there an All-Mighty, All Knowing Being up there watching us with a Plan in Mind for us?

I don't really think so. Otherwise we wouldn't be so fractious. How "In the Name of God" can we have so many different religions that say they are the true one? That if you don't join them then you will not get into Heaven. OR Please if you sacrifice yourself and blow yourself up taking many innocents with you then you will be rewarded with 72 Virgins in heaven. But if you just live out your life in peace... No Virgins. No you must kill and die for that to happen. On that note what about the Women who commit these acts? What is supposedly waiting for them on the other side?

But I have digressed. Point is we have such a screwed up Cast/Class system. You are judge by Color, Race, Creed and what God/Prophet you follow. Why? You want to believe in something I don't great! Let's exchange dialog on that.

I am only right about all this for myself. There is no right or wrong except what is for you. The only exception is your thoughts/acts harm or intrude on someone else's space, body or oh you get the idea.

So there... This blog started out as a Shout-Out to Mom, Family, Material Things I love and wham it slid into a Rant. Go Figure...

What, World is your thoughts?

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