Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Sunday Whatever

Happy Sunday- Day of Rest, Faith and Contemplation.

I love Sundays, the thick Sunday Paper, CBS Sunday Morning (A Wonderful TV magazine show) Sleeping in, Coffee with my wife. Quiet times. Ahh Sunday!

Now onto what bugs me in my mind today...

I wish that TV providers like Comcast, Verizon, Dish and others would adopt TIVO technology within their DVRs. Folks, TIVO has already worked out the bugs, settled on a wonderful user interface and has set the industry standard. But these other services not wanting to deal with TIVO have come up with their own software and use Motorola boxes. (I do not know who makes the boxes for Dish).

I had Directv with Tivo DVR. And loved it! The only problem I had was the fact I would have to program a early and or late start for some programs because the networks play with those times and the Motorola box from Verizon Fios address this and there are no more missed openings or endings cut off. But the is the only good thing!

The software interface is awful and clumsy plus the service at times cracks-up and pixels or the sound goes out. And this is fiber-optics!

I have not made my mind up yet about going back to Directv they even have replaced TIVO with one of their own devices. Sheesh!

However Fios Internet is WONDERFUL!!! I average almost 5,000 down and around 1,900 up. That beats cable and DSL and if I wanted to pay more I could increase that speed 15,000 or 30,000 down.

TIVO is the greatest fun invention in years.

Right now I am watching the Mavs/Spurs game 1, go Mavs! Beat these guys and get that monkey off your backs. You can beat the Spurs, it's possible! Just believe.

America stand-up for yourselves and stop letting other countries dictate who and what we are! A Superpower does have global responsibilities and hiding our heads in the sand won't make the world's ills go away. Am I happy with the way the present administration is handling things... no! But they are the ones leading right now and we need to let them. Voting changes things not complaining.

Should we stick our noses into other peoples business? Yes if it means harm to our country and those who support us. But we also need to commit when we do and see it through to the finish.

We also need to be more careful with who we back... we seem to have a history of backing future enemies. Russia (During and right after WWII), Castro, Osama, Saddam, Noreiga to mention a few.

It is hard to be all things to all people, nigh impossible to please everyone. That is why I can't figure why anyone would want to be President. A centrist or a libertarian seems to have things right but implementing them is another thing. With our two party system we will always be fighting each other for the best way to govern.

But what should government be about? For me: infrastructure, Defense, Education, unifying the states, Protecting our borders, Keeping peace in the world and setting an example of how a soceity can lead and survive and grow.

They should not tell us how to live or what to do as long as we do not harm those around us. Free society has to have some rules/laws to live by so human nature doesn't run out of control. But life here should be about common sense, thinking of how your actions affect others and taking responsibility for your actions. Also freedom of choice, that makes us great. You don't like that show change the channel, you don't like that movie/actor don't buy a ticket or rent the dvd. You like something support it, you don't, don't, it's really that simple. Also live within your means. Now that one is very hard to do in a capitalist society. But remember this is just about the best we got, there is no Utopian place it wouldn't work... because of human nature.

Well that's it for now... I've pontificated enough for one blog... Please comment...


Eleslaverda said...

My comments for your last post. Your post could be dissected really well, but due to time constraints I'll limit it to a few blurbs.

("America stand-up for yourselves and stop letting other countries dictate who and what we are!") And it is ok for us to be dictating to other countries? The other side of the coin isn't about someone putting their head in the sand, it's about human relations. At work do you go around starting armed wars to make the work place a better environment? We are supposedly the more civilized part of the world aren't we?

("Voting changes things, not complaining.") So let us vote right now! I want to vote right now! I want to change it right now. I can't vote now? DAMN. If we can recall a governor, why can't we recall a president? Too bad American citizens can't vote on impeachment, or even vote at all. (at least not until it's way too late.)

("Should we stick our noses into other people's business?") No, if you wonder why other nations get pissed off at Americans. Which came first? Americans sticking their nose into another countries business? Or foreign countries and their people pissed off at America? Gee, what would be the response to the first scenario?

("We also need to be more careful with who we back... we seem to have a history of backing future enemies. Russia (During and right after WWII), Castro, Osama, Saddam, Noreiga to mention a few.") I agree but probably from a different angle.

("But what should government be about? For me: infrastructure, Defense, Education, unifying the states, Protecting our borders, Keeping peace in the world and setting an example of how a soceity can lead and survive and grow.")

The Republican party's secret: They can sell those words to naive voters who are gullible about that kind of stuff. As for the upper ranks, those words have a totally different, more sinister meaning. Infrastructure means highways and nice homes to the naive, but is really about corporate wheeling and dealing that is driven by greed with not a bit of damn concern for what kind of house you have or if you even have a house. But hey, we're providing infrastructure. We also have those bad enemies in the world that can really hurt us, and the brains at the ARMED FORCES OF EXXON, oops I mean the United States REALLY want to protect us, and those poor people in those poor little OIL RICH countries that are sooooo...technologically advanced they could wipe us out so easily. Now I see how it works for Republicans on those two levels. The Bushes and Cheneys get the votes of the people wanting to "kick ass" on defense, but they can use them to have an excuse to defeat our "oil enemies". And all along all they really give a damn about is Exxon and Haliburton's bottom line, and any other high rolling investor\voter.

A freebie: "If we can open up Alaska to drilling we wouldn't be so dependent on that foreign oil and prices would be stable again." Yeah, like that drop in the bucket will help us in the next 30 days. And once we get drilling there, you'll absolutely never guess what's going to happen to gas prices a few years later. Going way down in prices right? People are really that naive to believe that crap? Lets see when computers came on the scene, banks told the public we are going to improve your service by getting rid of a lot of these high costing bank tellers. "You won't be paying the salaries of all these tellers we are going to get rid of anymore." Then later they start charging ATM fees. So the corporate banking world lied to us about needing to pay less, when in fact we were going to pay more. It will be the same for Alaska oil.

I just wondered. If 2 people truly believe their opinions like Republicans are great, or Republicans are evil then who is truly correct? Who would the respective friends, coworkers, relatives of those 2 people trust if asked about politics? I mean to one group or the other, one person is essentially lying aren't they? If neither person personally knows any high ranking administrative person then how can either person really believe what they say or hear?

If one person believes Republican politicians are corrupt, then I can understand the other side not listening. But if there is a clamor of people, then let's talk about "burying your head in the sand" if you ignore it.

It's like with Bill Clinton. His admirers\followers felt like Republicans were just making trouble rumors regarding Monica Lewinsky. Then it started kind of swelling up (pardon the expression here) till you couldn't ignore it anymore.

The same is even more true now. How can people from the other side possibly ignore that Mr Bush is totally disrespected, that everyone knows the only reason for going to war in Iraq was only for oil, that he's lying about his knowledge of V.Plame, and lying about knowing Tom Delay's lobbyist. To me those are far more serious criminal lies than "I did not have sex with that woman."


Eleslaverda said...

Thanks for your return post. I do have one last comment on "The problem I have though is certain people on the left hate the right period. And do not support anyone who disagrees with them. I think that is foolish and narrow."

People on the left are actually a lot more tolerant than the right. It's when Republicans began disrespecting people with their assinine comments like, "If your not with us, then your one of the terrorists" that tolerance for Republicans really started going out the window. Republicans won't yield or listen to arguments against going to war for oil; they won't listen or yield on making abortion illegal, they won't yield or listen to arguments regarding separting church and government, they won't listen to or yield on making corporations more responsible for the environment.

When Republicans dont give you the time of day in response to your views, THEN you start getting angry. THE ANGER AT REPUBLICANS IS NOT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE REPUBLICANS. IT'S because Republicans "do not support anyone who disagrees with them, and I think THAT is foolish and narrow." said...

It's nice to get to know your thoughts on items we rarely have time or opportunity to discuss. I'm proud to know you treasure, respect and utilize your right, priviege, and opportunity to vote.
I also agree that infrastructure is a global problem. So much aid, support, rescue, etc., is stymied by the inability to deliver help where it is needed most.

I appreciate this new opportunity to communicate.

P.S. I love you
Yo Momma

Eric said...

Hey, it's DS, aka Couchguy! Shouldn't you also be watching the new Battlestar Galactica?!