Thursday, May 04, 2006

My thoughts on the Summer Movie Boxoffice

It is between Hanks and Depp for #1

Cars could be the 1st failure for Pixar. Just doesn't feel right.

If we use Costs vs. Boxoffice then yes Poseidon will be the big flop of the season.

Snakes is shaping up to be a sleeper hit, but I always though sleeper meant a pic that comes out of no where and performs beyond expectations. That said, Snakes actually should be a mild hit and if it's not it would be a disappointment what with all the fanboy sites already in love with it.

Nacho should do respectful biz. So again not really a sleeper, same with The Break-up. So if it's funny and filmed well My Super-Ex Girlfriend could be the sleeper hit seeing how there is
no buzz at this time, hence to preconceived notions about it to live up to.

As for X-men 3 it will open big, so will MI3 and Supes.

Based on trailers Supes has the hardest job to sustain big boxoffice.

X3 will have legs if Ratner does a good job otherwise it could join Supes as a pic that owns it's first week then dives.

MI:3 has it's work cut out for it, It only has it's first week then comes X, Da Vinci and even that upside down boat flick. But word on the street is simple, if you can forgive the weirdness of the Cruise Missile then this is the Mission: Impossible everyone has been wanting that DePalma hinted at in the opening of the first installment.

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