Thursday, May 25, 2006

TV Series Finales

Alias: Which ended for good was a little bit of a let down though I like what happened to Sloane.
But they tacked on a very, very happy ending for Sydney and Vaughn. And naming her kids after her parents... Cute. Of course Sark is still out there causing problems... But is he really a true villain or as he sees himself... A business man who works for profit period.
I just don't know about this series. I loved it during it's first season and kinda thought the second season twists were great and the introduction of the Rambaldi mystery was intriguing. But the show lost it's focus and then felt rush in it's closing episode.
But damn, what fate awaited Sloane... That is justice! RIP Jack.

Lost: Does what it does best. Kinda give you answers that of course create new questions. But then if they stopped doing that and gave the answers it would spell the end of the show.
but it does like to tickle the brain. Very creative show. The cliffhangers which there were many can take us in so many different directions at once! Last year it was all about the Hatch. This year it was all about so many subplots... Are the 3 still alive? Where's Home that another 3 are headed too? Where does the 2 end up at and does Vincent find them? Count 'em 4 Toes... Are the other 3 still waiting on the boat? Is the prisoner who as set free Him? Is it the running dude or the island that has been found by Portuguese men in service to a rich lady? Is the watchers hatch the real experiment? And if you look close at the end scenes... Is that the Doc? Are Twins both good/bad part of all this? Does the electro-magnetic thingy cause planes to fall from the sky? If so what causes things like Wood Pirate boats and sailing ships and Hot Air Balloons crash upon the island? And where is the Tree smashing, Pilot grabbing Monster and the French Woman and last but not least... Where does the cable coming out of the ocean toward the French Woman's hideout from season 1 lead back too and what is it's purpose (My guess, it's connected to her sunken ship.
See gotta love a show that can create so much mystery... And I know I forgot lot's of other stuff!

24: Now that was a great cliffhanger. It ends with so many different ways to go. I also like that we never learn who the Bluetooth group behind POTUS is. Yet. Does Unstoppable Jack make it to Mainland C or does he escape? Is he rescued? Is he headed somewhere else? Why is Jack so valuable?

Man oh Man: Oct. for LOST, January for 24... Arrgh... But soon (June) The best mystery of Summer TV returns: USA's The 4400...

Stay Tuned

Saturday, May 20, 2006

State Of My Union

Good Day... My mother a very, very special person in my life for my B-Day and also as a congrats on my new start-up gave me a Mac Powerbook! And that has changed my life almost as much as having TIVO did.

I am unhooked and enchained from my desk. Freedom at last Freedom at last. The thing is...
I am on the 'puter now more than ever! LOL! I also have embraced things that I hadn't before like this blog and Skype and iSight and oh the list is to long.

My Daughter, My Wife, My Mom, My Dad (And with me being 49 they are still around) TIVO, Mac/Apple, My Company, HD, Can life get any better?

I am blessed! Yes I am!

Thought it was time to brag on the good in my life. I do love to chat about Movies, Books and TV. Politics too. In fact I need to post a blog entry on books. But today... Just a hug-out to my Family and yes Powerbooks and TIVO.

I know I didn't mention God or my dog or friends. I have a core group of Friends which make me rich and when they are added to my family I am only richer. My dog... um... hmmm... He can drive me nuts. Yet yes I love him. But he is trying at times. That leaves God. I believe in Faith, Family, Friends and Community. I think God can be a set of standards you live by.

Is there an All-Mighty, All Knowing Being up there watching us with a Plan in Mind for us?

I don't really think so. Otherwise we wouldn't be so fractious. How "In the Name of God" can we have so many different religions that say they are the true one? That if you don't join them then you will not get into Heaven. OR Please if you sacrifice yourself and blow yourself up taking many innocents with you then you will be rewarded with 72 Virgins in heaven. But if you just live out your life in peace... No Virgins. No you must kill and die for that to happen. On that note what about the Women who commit these acts? What is supposedly waiting for them on the other side?

But I have digressed. Point is we have such a screwed up Cast/Class system. You are judge by Color, Race, Creed and what God/Prophet you follow. Why? You want to believe in something I don't great! Let's exchange dialog on that.

I am only right about all this for myself. There is no right or wrong except what is for you. The only exception is your thoughts/acts harm or intrude on someone else's space, body or oh you get the idea.

So there... This blog started out as a Shout-Out to Mom, Family, Material Things I love and wham it slid into a Rant. Go Figure...

What, World is your thoughts?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Summer Movies Are Upon Us Part 2

Welcome to the Summer Movies Are Upon Us Sequel...
This just in... I saw M:I 3 and I am happy to report it's the best one of the bunch. Now I did like the first one but this flick really delivers the goods. I feel now this franchise sits squarely between the Bourne Movies and James Bond Flicks. It has one foot steeped in characterization, a gritty real feel yet has it's other foot planted in the out-there reality of a Bond romp. Thing is though the Villain here is more rooted in the now than just about any Bond Villain. I do have though one major, major complaint about M:I 3... During the end credits you are treated to what maybe the worst song ever. It's by Kayne West and yes his Jesus Walks was great but boy howdy his Impossible Mission song is Impossible to listen too! YUCK! That said kudos to Abrams music vet Michael Giacchino for using more of the original Lalo Schifrin TV music like The Plot.

Ok on to the rest of the movies and what I think about them based on vibes and their Trailers...

Miami Vice: This is shaping up as the COOL film of summer.
I just hope Mann has come up with a better coda than Heat or Collateral. Mann is the Man though when it comes to set design, framing and cinematography!

Talladega Nights: I am sure because of NASCAR's involvement this will be Huge but it looks awful!

Click: Oh boy another crowd pleaser but I will be missing this one as well. Clever concept but we've seen this type of film already and the jokes fall flat.

The Break-Up: This Comedy looks like it has potential. Vaughn is funny and Jennifer hasn't looked this good in ages.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Wow... This might be the best Comedy concept of the Summer. I haven't seen the trailer yet but the plotline is priceless: Man (Paul Judd) breaks-up with his girlfriend because he can't handle what she's all about. She (Uma Thurman) wreaks vengeance upon him. What's funny and clever? She is a Superhero along the lines of Superman. And that's what the man has a problem with. Directed by Ivan Reitman who gave us Ghostbusters. Yes I know he also directed Evolution but that's another story.

The Omen: In God's Name WHY?! It's the exact same scene by scene as the original. With some updated FX thrown in.

macho Libra: This could be the cult film of summer. Hard to tell. It's from the guy who directed Napoleon dynamite and it stars Jack Black as a Mexican priest who becomes a wrestler to save an Orphanage. It has some pretty weird moments and with Jack Black that can spell FUNNY!

Lady in the Water: M. Night is back and I just don't know. Sounds silly. Girl is found in pool, she's a creature from out of a child's book. Maintenance man and tenants help her return to her people then find out the too are characters in a book. Perhaps the kiddo's will like it I just don't know about M. Night anymore. He has coasted on 6 senses for far too long.

Ok I think that's a wrap on the Major Releases I would have touched on other films like Over The Hedge and Snakes On A Plane, but Kiddo movies are needed even if bad to us and Snakes... well enough internet ink has been spilled about it

Please comment with your take...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Summer Movies Are Upon Us Part 1

I have yet to see any of the Summer Movies but this is my take based on Trailers and vibes... It will be in two parts because it seems it's how Hollywood likes to work so why not.

Superman Returns: Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor will steal this movie. The rest of it seems like a remake of the first Richard Donner Superman.

Da Vinci Code: HUGE! Unless it is a really bad movie. I can't see that happening. I don't feel it will do Titanic Biz but it should be in the top three for the summer.

MI:3: I think this film will end up doing just fine. I will attend because I am a fan of Mission Impossible the TV Show and I am told this one is more in spirit to the show. Plus I am a fan of Director's Abrams's TV shows Alias and Lost.

Cars: I just don't have a good feel for this. The eyes on the windshield creep me out. I know it's Pixar and they are wonderful... But they are also due for an under-performer.

Pirates 2: More of the same but in this case that's a good thing! Could be the #1 movie.

Poseidon: One of the major bombs in terms of cost vs. Boxoffice. Who is the market for this? The original is considered a classic and all this film can hope to do is better it in the effects department. But what have we not seen in other movies like the original, Titanic and even this films director's Perfect Storm?

To Be Continued...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Sunday Whatever

Happy Sunday- Day of Rest, Faith and Contemplation.

I love Sundays, the thick Sunday Paper, CBS Sunday Morning (A Wonderful TV magazine show) Sleeping in, Coffee with my wife. Quiet times. Ahh Sunday!

Now onto what bugs me in my mind today...

I wish that TV providers like Comcast, Verizon, Dish and others would adopt TIVO technology within their DVRs. Folks, TIVO has already worked out the bugs, settled on a wonderful user interface and has set the industry standard. But these other services not wanting to deal with TIVO have come up with their own software and use Motorola boxes. (I do not know who makes the boxes for Dish).

I had Directv with Tivo DVR. And loved it! The only problem I had was the fact I would have to program a early and or late start for some programs because the networks play with those times and the Motorola box from Verizon Fios address this and there are no more missed openings or endings cut off. But the is the only good thing!

The software interface is awful and clumsy plus the service at times cracks-up and pixels or the sound goes out. And this is fiber-optics!

I have not made my mind up yet about going back to Directv they even have replaced TIVO with one of their own devices. Sheesh!

However Fios Internet is WONDERFUL!!! I average almost 5,000 down and around 1,900 up. That beats cable and DSL and if I wanted to pay more I could increase that speed 15,000 or 30,000 down.

TIVO is the greatest fun invention in years.

Right now I am watching the Mavs/Spurs game 1, go Mavs! Beat these guys and get that monkey off your backs. You can beat the Spurs, it's possible! Just believe.

America stand-up for yourselves and stop letting other countries dictate who and what we are! A Superpower does have global responsibilities and hiding our heads in the sand won't make the world's ills go away. Am I happy with the way the present administration is handling things... no! But they are the ones leading right now and we need to let them. Voting changes things not complaining.

Should we stick our noses into other peoples business? Yes if it means harm to our country and those who support us. But we also need to commit when we do and see it through to the finish.

We also need to be more careful with who we back... we seem to have a history of backing future enemies. Russia (During and right after WWII), Castro, Osama, Saddam, Noreiga to mention a few.

It is hard to be all things to all people, nigh impossible to please everyone. That is why I can't figure why anyone would want to be President. A centrist or a libertarian seems to have things right but implementing them is another thing. With our two party system we will always be fighting each other for the best way to govern.

But what should government be about? For me: infrastructure, Defense, Education, unifying the states, Protecting our borders, Keeping peace in the world and setting an example of how a soceity can lead and survive and grow.

They should not tell us how to live or what to do as long as we do not harm those around us. Free society has to have some rules/laws to live by so human nature doesn't run out of control. But life here should be about common sense, thinking of how your actions affect others and taking responsibility for your actions. Also freedom of choice, that makes us great. You don't like that show change the channel, you don't like that movie/actor don't buy a ticket or rent the dvd. You like something support it, you don't, don't, it's really that simple. Also live within your means. Now that one is very hard to do in a capitalist society. But remember this is just about the best we got, there is no Utopian place it wouldn't work... because of human nature.

Well that's it for now... I've pontificated enough for one blog... Please comment...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Explain It To Me, Please!

Hey Netsters or is that Blogsters or roadsters?

Anyway... When you have shows on TV that you follow like LOST, CARNIVALE, INVASION, THE WIRE ect, I always read comments in different talkbacks about how slow their respective storylines unfold. That it seems to take forever to get to the point. But isn't that the point?!

How can one really complain if the creators/writers allow their stories to develop through characters and careful laying out of the plot and many sub-plots? If this isn't your cup of tea that's of course cool just watch those shows that deliver everything each week in a nice simple package, i.e. any CSI or LAW & ORDER show. For me that IS the problem I have with those shows. I like continuity in my stories. Now shows like 24 and PRISON BREAK do move their plots along faster but they are action shows from the get-go.

ALIAS on the other hand started out great but for a while got stuck in the spycase of the week and forgot it's continuity, character building aspects and I feel they lost a lot of their viewing audience. Now it seems that they have gotten back to how they started and it's cooking again.

The first real shows to tell stories with great arcs and development were HILL STREET BLUES, TWIN PEAKS and WISEGUY. MIAMI VICE, while not really adhering to this format did play with the normal conventions of the day by ending most episodes in the middle of a shootout or take-down so that the show didn't end up all neatly tied up in a bow.

There is nothing wrong with those want their stories all wrapped up each week but sweet J why do they have to spew hate about the shows that take time to unfold like a really good book?

Oh and this also can relate to Sitcoms as well, I loved ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, SONS & DAUGHTERS and MY NAME IS EARL... and they follow through on plot lines from episode to episode.

Well there is my rant of the day... I invite your thoughts...

Friday, May 05, 2006

But What About Politics?

Hollywood graffiti

I do love to go on about the wonderful world of entertainment but there comes a time when I have to play being grown-up and talk about things of grave importance like Politics and Religion. Of course the way things seem to be headed I believe they are one and the same and quite possible been that way since who knows when.

There is so much to rant on about... Illegal's, Pot, Church, War, Famine, Gas Prices, WMDs, The Holy Land, Price of Cable, Cel Phones, Land Lines and Insurance, Child predators, Gang Violence, Credit Abuse and Identity Theft.

Whew those are just a few topics I can pontificate on... so for today let's pick something that seems to be affecting everyone I know and all of you I don't... High Gas Prices! (The other even more important stuff listed above will wait until we all know each other better or until tomorrow or the next day)

Who do we blame? What can be done?

The Gov could roll back the gas tax that would give some relief.
We want to blame Big Oil and it's easy to point at them especially when they have record profits and give CEO's Platinum retirement plans.
But is Big Oil really to blame? Well, Yes they could have built more refineries, they could be looking for oil in places we can control. They could not react so fast when the Markets go crazy and run scared and drive up prices on future barrels, hello, the gas in the system now at our stations were purchased at a much lower price so don't raise the price because of knee jerk markets.

We could stop buying really big SUV's I suppose... But Automakers put them out because we buy them.

The real answer to me seems simple... If the Automakers and Big Oil and all of the wonderfull, brilliant scientists we have at our disposal could come up with an alternative to gas to power are cars, planes what have you, then they would make money like nobody's business.

First off (Yes Big Oil would have to face-lift their infrastructure) we already have gas stations that can be converted to what ever we need.

But the big thing, the thing that would drive our economy to new highs and create jobs is the manufacturing of the new vehicles that would be powered by the new, clean, efficient, renewable source.

Yes it would be smart to come up with ways that the vehicles we have now could be converted but that too would create jobs. But it compares to the upcoming changeover to HD. We all need to upgrade our TV's from analog to HD by 2009.

Sure there will be a down-converter to you can still use your analog set but eventually you will want to have an HD set period. It's just the way it is and the Electronic industry will see a Huge explosion in sales. They already are but nothing like what is ahead when HD TV's are the norm, their prices lower and of course the HD-DVD's when their prices lower as well.

So that's my point... for now rollback the gas tax, win points with the voting public... shows your thinking of us and doing something to help. THen band together and figure out is it Hydrogen, Corn or Maple syrup? And just do it instead of working against each other. You can always compete once the solutions are in place.

But these high prices will only drive up other prices and services across the board and hurt those who are struggling more than they are now. Gas needs to be back to either $1.50 or less a gallon and I am sure that a new source embraced by all would lower that price to heck .99 a gallon. Dare I dream? Oh and Big Oil don't worry, I'm not saying stop drilling and pumping but just think... if their is a cheaper, renewable, cleaner choice to power are vehicles then there will be a lot of oil left over to make better tires, plastics and all of the other great products we take for granted that we derive from that wonderful black tea.

Whew... Agree? Disagree? Please comment. Thanx!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My thoughts on the Summer Movie Boxoffice

It is between Hanks and Depp for #1

Cars could be the 1st failure for Pixar. Just doesn't feel right.

If we use Costs vs. Boxoffice then yes Poseidon will be the big flop of the season.

Snakes is shaping up to be a sleeper hit, but I always though sleeper meant a pic that comes out of no where and performs beyond expectations. That said, Snakes actually should be a mild hit and if it's not it would be a disappointment what with all the fanboy sites already in love with it.

Nacho should do respectful biz. So again not really a sleeper, same with The Break-up. So if it's funny and filmed well My Super-Ex Girlfriend could be the sleeper hit seeing how there is
no buzz at this time, hence to preconceived notions about it to live up to.

As for X-men 3 it will open big, so will MI3 and Supes.

Based on trailers Supes has the hardest job to sustain big boxoffice.

X3 will have legs if Ratner does a good job otherwise it could join Supes as a pic that owns it's first week then dives.

MI:3 has it's work cut out for it, It only has it's first week then comes X, Da Vinci and even that upside down boat flick. But word on the street is simple, if you can forgive the weirdness of the Cruise Missile then this is the Mission: Impossible everyone has been wanting that DePalma hinted at in the opening of the first installment.

The 1st Blog And Get To Know Me Time!

Hello 'dere, if you didn't read my intro to the left then please read my profile before reading the blog below. My profile sets this blog in motion.

Ahem... I as you can tell am new to this. My daughter is on Zanga and I felt I would give this blog thingy a try.
I mentioned that I would post likes and dislikes... Well... If you took the time to look at my profile info then you know some or most of my likes... Here then are some of my dislikes...

Romance Novels
CSI (All of Them)
Law & Order (The shows silly, not the real Police)
Screamo Music my Daughter listens too.
Self-Help Books
Most if not just about all except a very tiny few Sitcoms.
Daytime Soaps (Nothing Happens, time moves like molasses)
Democrats who disown or disavow those who do not agree with their views
(Let me make this clear, I do not care what your creed, religion or political party you believe in. I might not agree or like what you buy into, but I do not hold it against you either. For instance I like Alec Baldwin but I do not care for his Politics, but I will watch his movies.)
Uwe Boll Movies
Laws Against Smoking Outdoors like Bar patios. This is in effect in some places. Now I do not smoke cigs but I do love Cigars and they are a social thing.
No free WiFi in places like Starbucks, Borders and Barnes & Noble!!!
Our dog always wanting me to either let him out or back in, and the wonderful wife saying no to a doggie door!
Pan & Scan Period! And this goes for Cable too... Show the stuff in Widescreen Folks Please!
The Cable/Satellite companies that are doing their own DVR's and cutting out TIVO. Tivo Works Folks! TIVO has the whole DVR thing worked out and user friendly. Trust me I know what of which I speak.

Oh and one like just so I don't sound all sour and stuff...

I admit it, I drink the Koolaid kiddos... I love Macs!!! God Save Apple and Steve Jobs! LOL!