Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Start Of Fall

You know, I send out emails with this blog linked at the bottom of each email and if folks have actually clicked and come here then I am sorry for not updating as often as I should. I know, I know I am a bad blogger!

And so many peeps are making moola blogging too. Hmmm...
Guess I could inset pics of naked gals, or maybe just maybe I could set up a Snakes in the blog page... Nah... that's over--it's played out.

Guess I will just have to update more often and hope that at some point I write something that interests enough eyeballs that wham I am bakin some spendin bread.

Until then suffer this:

It's the new season of TV and hopefully better Hollywood movies.
I admit I am very excitied about the new Bond film. Based on the two trailers it's looking like the powers that be finally have understood what this franchise needs to do... Kick Tail, Take Names and Be Bloody BadAssed! The best kind of Bond is a dangerous one. It's what made Connery so good. Moore was a fop, Lazenby was well... the worst choice for what is maybe the best Bond story so far. Dalton never had a chance. He wasn't bad but he was undermined by the producers. Brosnen tried and while successful at the B.O. the movies with maybe the exception of Goldeneye felt too streamlined and robotized. Now with Craig and from what I can tell from the trailers... he looks, acts and seems BAD! And that's a great thing. The plot line seems right up there with On His Majesty's Secret Service. I cannot wait.

As for the TV season. No hits yet. Still like the holdovers from last season but as far as the newbies... well Studio 60 was good, not great yet, Smith was interesting, Shark as James Woods and that's it, Justice is a waste, Jericho is well not good, Heroes: hmmm need an episode or two to figure if I like it yet, Vanshied has lost me, Kidnapped is a little better but hanging by a thread, Standoff is ok if nothing else is on.

So for now and until all the new shows have debuted I am sticking with my oldies like Lost, 24, Nip/Tuck, Prison Break, My Name Is Earl, Boston Legal (Great show), The Unit (Guilty Pleasure), Weeds, Brotherhood and the BEST SHOW ON TV EVER THAT NO ONE IS WATCHING: The Wire.

I hope you the faithful or those who stumbled into this blog return and I promise to update as much as possible.

Please give feedback, suggestions, opinions or money...