Saturday, March 17, 2007

SXSW Part Uno

Hey trusty HG readers I just returned from the best film fest in the Southwest, SXSW in Austin (That's South by Southwest folks). Saw tons-o-flicks and meet some great movers-n-shakers.

One of the fun things to come out of the fest was meeting Amy of MavenCom fame. She was promoting this incredibly cool and easy on the eyes site called Lucky Oliver. The link is over to your right. Anyhow... she was spilling the 411 on these creative types from CA and I was captivated enough to check 'em out... well that and she gave me a few free tokens to use so I could download a few pics for this blog. Check one of 'em out it's right above their banner.

Now about Lucky Oliver... Unlike other Royalty Free Photo sites this one is fun and
extremely easy to use. Almost too easy. I'd say it's so easy that a Caveman could do it but I don't want Geico to sue me so let's just say Lucky Oliver is so easy to use a dancing Penguin and his Typing Monkey friend could use it. Actually if Geico would like to sue me I say let 'em. I could use the exposure and the book/movie deal that would come from it. But I digress... Back to Lucky Oliver... There choice of photos are way cool and not what you are expecting. Full of pics with different uses like backgrounds, do it yourself signs, gals, dudes, and illustrations out the ying-yang.

So go on over and try them. Become a Carny and let the $1 downloads begin. Actually they have other prices and you can buy some outright or just license them as well. But for blog/site use the $1 price tag is just what the good Doc ordered.

Oh and if you click on their banner to the right let'em know Amy did her job and that through me she sent you to 'em.