Friday, May 05, 2006

But What About Politics?

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I do love to go on about the wonderful world of entertainment but there comes a time when I have to play being grown-up and talk about things of grave importance like Politics and Religion. Of course the way things seem to be headed I believe they are one and the same and quite possible been that way since who knows when.

There is so much to rant on about... Illegal's, Pot, Church, War, Famine, Gas Prices, WMDs, The Holy Land, Price of Cable, Cel Phones, Land Lines and Insurance, Child predators, Gang Violence, Credit Abuse and Identity Theft.

Whew those are just a few topics I can pontificate on... so for today let's pick something that seems to be affecting everyone I know and all of you I don't... High Gas Prices! (The other even more important stuff listed above will wait until we all know each other better or until tomorrow or the next day)

Who do we blame? What can be done?

The Gov could roll back the gas tax that would give some relief.
We want to blame Big Oil and it's easy to point at them especially when they have record profits and give CEO's Platinum retirement plans.
But is Big Oil really to blame? Well, Yes they could have built more refineries, they could be looking for oil in places we can control. They could not react so fast when the Markets go crazy and run scared and drive up prices on future barrels, hello, the gas in the system now at our stations were purchased at a much lower price so don't raise the price because of knee jerk markets.

We could stop buying really big SUV's I suppose... But Automakers put them out because we buy them.

The real answer to me seems simple... If the Automakers and Big Oil and all of the wonderfull, brilliant scientists we have at our disposal could come up with an alternative to gas to power are cars, planes what have you, then they would make money like nobody's business.

First off (Yes Big Oil would have to face-lift their infrastructure) we already have gas stations that can be converted to what ever we need.

But the big thing, the thing that would drive our economy to new highs and create jobs is the manufacturing of the new vehicles that would be powered by the new, clean, efficient, renewable source.

Yes it would be smart to come up with ways that the vehicles we have now could be converted but that too would create jobs. But it compares to the upcoming changeover to HD. We all need to upgrade our TV's from analog to HD by 2009.

Sure there will be a down-converter to you can still use your analog set but eventually you will want to have an HD set period. It's just the way it is and the Electronic industry will see a Huge explosion in sales. They already are but nothing like what is ahead when HD TV's are the norm, their prices lower and of course the HD-DVD's when their prices lower as well.

So that's my point... for now rollback the gas tax, win points with the voting public... shows your thinking of us and doing something to help. THen band together and figure out is it Hydrogen, Corn or Maple syrup? And just do it instead of working against each other. You can always compete once the solutions are in place.

But these high prices will only drive up other prices and services across the board and hurt those who are struggling more than they are now. Gas needs to be back to either $1.50 or less a gallon and I am sure that a new source embraced by all would lower that price to heck .99 a gallon. Dare I dream? Oh and Big Oil don't worry, I'm not saying stop drilling and pumping but just think... if their is a cheaper, renewable, cleaner choice to power are vehicles then there will be a lot of oil left over to make better tires, plastics and all of the other great products we take for granted that we derive from that wonderful black tea.

Whew... Agree? Disagree? Please comment. Thanx!


Dee said...

I remember the day when gas was less than a dollar. Yeah, I'm an old bat! But I do agree with you. Nice write.

JPMatznick said...

Think about this...

- Oil and petrol is finite and is NOT sustainable and will not last forever no matter what the price is. I hope petrol skyrockets so people will open their eyes. I will continue to buy and use local TX made Biodiesel in our work trucks and not put any money in the Saudis pockets.
- We as americans need to ween ourselves off of all foreign oil and not go down the road of building new refineries in our precious resources (Alaska and such) for a finite technology.
- Renewable energy sources are a proven technology however we are such an energy sucking society, everything we own is not efficient, hence, we need more energy to run them.
- We cannot depend solely on Government to give because or drastically change the current oil and electric infrastructure because they cant CONTROL a distributed renewable energy generation from solar PV, wind, water, natural gas, hydrogen as an energy carrier, Etc.
- Transportation is always going to be in flux for the next 20 years and many technologies will be used because the auto manufactures have way to much control what offered to the public. Ever wonder why Europe has nice little efficient Smart cars at 60 some MPG and we cant get them here in the States? why do the Europeans have more electric cars than the richest country USA? who do you think is keeping them out. It is about 70 cents per gallon to charge and electric car based on the amount of petrol or fossil fuels needed to generate the electricity in the current infrastructure.

At the end of the day, it is up to you.. to educate yourself and others about sustainable living, do what you can to live efficiently and environmentally clean and invest in your families future with renewables.