Saturday, May 06, 2006

Explain It To Me, Please!

Hey Netsters or is that Blogsters or roadsters?

Anyway... When you have shows on TV that you follow like LOST, CARNIVALE, INVASION, THE WIRE ect, I always read comments in different talkbacks about how slow their respective storylines unfold. That it seems to take forever to get to the point. But isn't that the point?!

How can one really complain if the creators/writers allow their stories to develop through characters and careful laying out of the plot and many sub-plots? If this isn't your cup of tea that's of course cool just watch those shows that deliver everything each week in a nice simple package, i.e. any CSI or LAW & ORDER show. For me that IS the problem I have with those shows. I like continuity in my stories. Now shows like 24 and PRISON BREAK do move their plots along faster but they are action shows from the get-go.

ALIAS on the other hand started out great but for a while got stuck in the spycase of the week and forgot it's continuity, character building aspects and I feel they lost a lot of their viewing audience. Now it seems that they have gotten back to how they started and it's cooking again.

The first real shows to tell stories with great arcs and development were HILL STREET BLUES, TWIN PEAKS and WISEGUY. MIAMI VICE, while not really adhering to this format did play with the normal conventions of the day by ending most episodes in the middle of a shootout or take-down so that the show didn't end up all neatly tied up in a bow.

There is nothing wrong with those want their stories all wrapped up each week but sweet J why do they have to spew hate about the shows that take time to unfold like a really good book?

Oh and this also can relate to Sitcoms as well, I loved ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, SONS & DAUGHTERS and MY NAME IS EARL... and they follow through on plot lines from episode to episode.

Well there is my rant of the day... I invite your thoughts...

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Ron Southern said...

I think we have opposite tastes in popular TV shows. I like the original CSI and the sitcoms you mention wouldn't be worth pissing on if they were on fire. But I'm an effete snob, always have been.