Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Great App Heist

I haven't posted a few days because someone is holding the powerplug to my laptop telling me he will put the 'puter out of it's misery if I don't crack his safe.

It's a really, really large safe more like a bank vault and how he got it into my computer is beyond me.

But I have been cracking it for days now. It's been popped a few times. And guess what... apps... it's full of different apps. Really. The motherload of apps... and like I tell him that he can let go my laptop is no longer going to be feeling inadequate when it sees others at the S**rB**k* (they haven't paid me anything, they are not getting a plug) being put through their kernel paces.

Well now that I have cracked the vault numerous times with more challenges ahead my computer is beaming and puffing out it's lcd and is ready to tackle the new apps.

All you have to do is click the title of this post to watch me in action and heck maybe join in too. If you visit let me know my handle is atticusrex.

But you have to have a Mac. No PC's allowed. Run home and add stuff up while we get graphical.

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