Sunday, November 12, 2006

We Interrupt our regularly scheduled Blog

Christmas Comes Early To all Mac OSX Users!!!

Three Cheers to the wonderful folks at MacAppADay.Com This is a new site that starting on the December 1st will be offering 5,000 lucky Macheads free apps to download.

1 every day and a special surprise on New Years Day! So starting around Midnight PST on 12/01/06 download Apps so cool that your Mac will boot-up with joy.

The good folks at MacAppADay also told me that while yes some apps are valued at $5, there are those that run $10, $15 and more. But what does it matter I say, they are free to those of us in the know (and of course own a Mac).

On another note, if an app on a certain day is one you already own (i.e. paid for) well consider that day's gift a fruit cake and think about all the other days to come in December with other wondrous free apps. So, if you or someone you know has a mac, you might want to check it out or tell them about it at

Now I know dear reader what your thinking... This is the Hollywood Graffiti Blog where I type all kinds of opinions on Film, TV and occasionally what's on my mind that I feel compelled to share... And this is one of them.

After all I've been drinking the Mac KoolAid since 1984.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog

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