Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why I haven't been posting...

I will get this blog thing back on track soon I almost promise!

There have been some interruptions of late that have kept me from draining my brain here....

There are two count 'em two sites giving away FREE APPS for us lucky Mac users. And well I have no time for work, life, writing, eating, sleeping and worst of all posting.

Perhaps I need an intervention, God only knows... but I have noticed one thing, My wife kinda likes I have been out of her way...

www.macappaday and the quite wonderful game of


Clay said...

Dood! Clay from MacHeist here!

You're a producer! Fan-freakin tastic! Good to know there are more creatives out there.

If you get up the itch to go see Dallas' Comedy Sportz and Melissa is playing, she's a friend of mine. Harass her for me. :D

And if you're ever back in the San Ho area, give me a holler, I'll buy you a beer!


Anonymous said...

your ideas are lame and show a myopic sense of self worth - like people would care about your comments.

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