Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Award Shows vs. Writer's Strike

Laaaadies & Gentlemen... In this corner wearing red trunks and weighing in at 800 lbs. the Heavyweight champion Buster the Line Studiooooo! And in the far corner wearing blue trunks and weighing in at a wet 98 lbs the challenger Strike make-me-not Writer!

Sorry about all this hulabaloo... and who knows who will score the TKO in this 12 week round of pen-ink-bottom line fisticuffs but I just read where the People's Choice Awards have been canceled as far as broadcasting it is involved and now The Golden Globes and Oscar might go dark as well.

I posted my thoughts on this on another site and felt I should also include it on my own blog as well.
The Posting
Call me silly (Just not Shirley) but as far as I am concerned award shows like The People's Choice are a vapid way to trot out Celebs and milk ad money instead of more expensively produced dramas or sitcoms.

That said, shows like The Grammys, Oscars ect should remain on. Does a 'Strike' take away from work already provided? What is wrong for a winner of Best Script not to cross a picket line to pick him their Oscar? The script was written, paid for, made and shown before the current Writers strike.

Now here is where you all might think me a tad crazy...

If the writers are out on strike and the Oscar telecast looms large... heck even the Golden Globes, then instead of asking/hiring Celebs to come out and face their peers without the aid of a TelePrompTer or Bruce Villach.. then my I suggest... ask/hire professional Ad-libbers! People who's craft is spontaneous dialog... Improvisors.

Now that would be a cool show... no canned writing.. glib quips... but instead funny riffs (well, one hopes funny) on the moment at hand. No writing involved.

Sure part of the world tunes in to see all the glittering Celebs... but I'll wager... a show run by Who's Line Is It Anyway cast and directed by Larry David and his bunch of Ad-Lib specialists... well now that would be an interesting Award show. It certainly wouldn't be boring. And we would still get to see Celebs!

A win win...

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