Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catch up time!

Hi-De-Ho Fellow Bloggers/Readers

Man oh man what a bummer summer! Didn't really like anything... was even let down by Bourne 3.
Don't get me wrong... well made and all.... just boring a retread of 2 in many ways. Best movie still this year is 300 and that was back in Spring.

Now I did see Across the Universe. It was really good. Really. But not earth shattering. But interesting and it was great to hear those Beatles tunes song differently. These were new spins on classic gems.

But now we face the Fall into Winter slate. It's when the Big Smart Movies come out. I admit there are two I am drooling for. No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Imagine... A Fall with two of the best filmmakers out there with movies in theaters! I of course speak of P.T. Anderson and the Coen Brothers.

TV has been kinda of a let down this Fall as well. Pushing Daisies is the best new show with Dirty Sexy Money a distant 2nd. But I am disappointed with everything else I have tried.

K-Ville: Boring and Old Hat
Bionic Woman: Boring, Trite and Silly
Journeyman: Um... Boring
Life: Intriguing but ugh... Boring
Moonlight: Nice premise, Good 2nd Banana Vampire friend but terrible acting from the lead lady and well... no solid plotting and almost Boring
Viva Laughlin: CANCELLED. And not a moment to soon... pure dreck and a mistake on all levels
Women's Murder Club: Um not only Boring but hard to follow in terms of they way it crams so much in and really doesn't settle on any one thing. just a jumbled mess.
Chuck: Oh wait this show is actually cute, fun and funny and not Boring... so ok 3 new shows this season.

HBO hit a home run with it's mini-series 5 Days. Good stuff that.

The returning shows?

Heroes: Got off to a slow start but picking up some steam
Prison Break: This could be the last season, there is no where else to go with it... but it's been a fun ride
Lost: Waiting until January
24: See Lost
Boston Legal: A really quality gem of entertainment period
The Unit: I miss last season's theme song. I do not like this new one at all. Over all the show is fun but I could take it or leave it
ER: Because I've been there from the 1st episode and I'll watch it to it's grave
My Name Is Earl: Spells FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY
CSI: Las Vegas: Because my daughter makes me watch it that's why
Desperate Housewives: Because my Wife makes me watch it that's why
Dexter: Kinda silly gruesome fun actually
Brotherhood: Not bad... doesn't try to out Soprano's which is a good thing. Has it's own sense of place and crime
The Shield: Please return! You are wanted
Nip/Tuck: Looking forward to it's premiere in La La Land
Rescue Me: Brilliance on hiatus
Damages: Perhaps ran too long with it's storyline but great acting all around
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Watch it and Thank Me in the Morning this show knows funny like no other
Curb Your
Enthusiasim: Larry suffers like no other and it's fun to watch him squirm

And yes I still find time to work, smoke cigars and get out of the house... it's why God invented the DVR!

'Nuff Said


Tara said...

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back in the blogoshpere again.

Have seen both No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood a while back and you will not be disappointed by either!

Guess we will see each other again in March at SXSW. Don't wait until then to blog again thoough, ok.